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Is a native of Lorain, Ohio, Lairent Williams’ budding career in acting, modeling and comedic pursuits fuel his passion for the entertainment industry. A 24-year serving Air Force veteran, Lairent's travels have led him to achieving Associate Degrees in Operations Management (Park University) and Security Management  (University of Maryland). With a fun-loving personality and uncanny laugh factor, Lairent set his sights on Atlanta, knowing that the gleaming lights of the city held success firmly in its grasp. Sure enough, the peach state didn’t disappoint, allowing him to land acting credits in existing and slated roles in independent film productions and extra support in the box office mega-hit Transformers. Diverse in his acting artistry, Lairent attributes the challenging and relatable nature of drama and comedy for his passion to pursue roles in these genres. In his personal time, this “lover of life” works with a devoted clientele as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, promoting physical health and wellness. With a golden spirit, love of the craft and earnest commitment to his work, it’s only a matter of time before the name Lairent Williams becomes recognizable in households nationwide.
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